Audio Production

Garland Ruby Music, LLC, is the Connecticut-based business entity through which Andy Church publishes original music, offers audio production services, and sells beautiful hand crafted all tube guitar amplifiers, the Church Model 56.

Garland Ruby Sink was my maternal grandfather, with whom I spent a great deal of time during my formative years, and from whom I inherited a strong appreciation for  working with my hands.  Pictured is the tool shed I helped him build behind his house in 1966, which remains standing today.

My modest but very capable audio production workshop consists of a collection of world class analog microphones, preamps, equalizers, and compressors, combined with a compliment of equally stellar digital converters and processors.  Projects are tracked and edited in pro tools or logic pro, within which resides a vast collection of plugins and virtual instruments.  This is a thoughtfully curated collection of tools assembled over decades of practice, a workshop that reflects the best technologies and techniques of the last 70 years of the recording arts.


cranesong STC-8/H
drawmer 1968 mercenary
retro instruments 176 x 2
teletronix LA-2A
universal audio 1176LN

dynaudio acoustics BM 15A monitors
dynaudio acoustics BM 5A near field monitors
dynaudio acoustics BM 14S subwoofer
focal spirit professional headphones
akg K702, K271, & K240 headphones
spl 2Control monitor controller

acoustic treatment
rigid fiberglass panels
suspended in custom wooden frames

wunder CM7
brauner Phantom C AE
audio-technica AT4047/SV
neumann KM84 x 2
neumann TLM 170
neumann TLM 107 x 2
neumann TLM 102 x 2
akg C451 EB / CK1 x 2
adk custom shop cremona-251 t
adk TC GK 67 AU
adk tl
bock audio U195
cascade knucklehead lundahl
cascade fat head II
cascade vin jet lundahl
heil audio PR40
electro-voice RE20
sennheiser E906
shure SM57 x 2
share 520DX green bullet
fake SM57
audix i5

great river EQ2NV mercenary
pultec EQP-1A3 x 2
dangerous bax eq

digital conversion
16 channels mytek 8X192
universal audio apollo twin duo x 2
apogee duet 2

api 3124+
demeter HXM-1
great river MP-2NV mercenary
prism sound Maselec MMA-4XR

bricasti M7 stereo reverb

computer audio
mac pro 3,1 dual 2.8 GHz quad core, 16 GB RAM
mac pro 5,1 dual 2.66 GHz 6-core, 32 GB RAM
iMac, 16 GB RAM
pro tools hd 3, version 10
pro tools hdx, version 11
vienna ensemble pro
bias peak, reaper, dsp quattro
scads of software processors & instruments